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Are you attending business networking and trade shows and maintaining an online presence to market your company, build your list of prospect leads and find new clients?

You're in the right place for solid business growth strategies that make your prospecting more profitable!

We provide consulting, training and mentoring of advanced in person and online lead generation and follow up marketing skills to individuals, companies and organizations. The strategies we put in place create and launch a systematized approach to lead generation with the specific intent of following up to harness more sales opportunities. They're proven to SIMPLIFY your process and HARNESS every opportunity to MULTIPLY your results at KickstartYourCompany.com

Pick up your FREE Business Growth Strategies Report. Inside you'll learn the first steps of following up to stay connected to the 5th - 12th contact were 80% of sales are WON.

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How To Get Started

  • If you're a Business Owner or Entrepreneur, join one of the business development group training sessions
    or a business building mastermind.

  • If you're an Executive at a larger corporation or a Sales Manager responsible for helping your team grow
    sales opportunities in the B2B or B2C markets, take a look at the one on one mentoring programs or
    use the contact page to start a conversation with Cheryl to discuss bringing group training to your team
    or customizing it to fit your specific needs.

  • Or simply have it - DONE FOR YOU - we offer services to grow your business, so let's start the conversation.

Don't leave cash sitting on your desk in a pile of business cards, buried in your database or overlooked on a social network. Cheryl has a wealth of strategic sales lead management resources ready to share with you to create and launch your systematized approach to lead generation with the specific intent of following up to harness more sales opportunities.

Get started today to simplify your process and make your prospecting profitable. Sign up for a business development training program, contact Cheryl to mentor with you one on one or train your sales team. You'll learn behind the scenes secrets that empower you to consistently follow up to the 5th - 12th contact where 80% of sales are WON.


Contact Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist to learn how you can create your back office Signature Follow Up Marketing ENGINE of connected conversations that nurture relationships and build trust while filtering out tire kickers and filling your pipeline with qualified prospects ready for you to turn into new clients.