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Follow Up Services

Business Development Solutions for Business Owners, Professional Service Providers and Sales Managers responsible for a Sales Team or an Entrepreneur

If 80% of sales are won on the fifth to twelfth contact – why is it that 48% of all business managers never follow up with prospects beyond that first contact?

TimeTIME. There’s only so much.

Business Managers maximize their time by concentrating on what they do best, seeing clients and closing “hot” deals that contribute to this month’s target.

Your system for hot prospects is working fine, you’re meeting targets. But is your system complete?

What about the stacks of business cards sitting on your desk collected at the last business networking meeting or trade show? Have you followed up after the first contact conversation?

Is your current system HARNESSING EVERY LEAD generated by your business development activities into your sales funnel?

Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist, develops proactive Follow Up Business Systems that build and grow sales. The system expandes your current sales funnel to capture these prospects currently lost on your desk somewhere. Then she goes ones step further and uses proactive follow up  marketing techniques to engage your prospects in conversation to build relationships and the know you, like you truat you factor.

Follow Up Business System maximizes your investment in Business Development activities and puts your business in front of MORE prospects.

Why It’s Important?

Every card in that stack represents an investment of your time and money. If you’re not following up  your business is missing out on sales opportunities by NOT following u to develop those relationships to their full potential.


Cheryl is a natural Lead Generator. It is a very different skill to direct sales, so if you sell, Cheryl can be your secret weapon. You might not understand how she can do it, but you will certainly find selling more enjoyable.
Richard (Rick) Ballard, Client Engagement Executive (co-CEO)
InSeed, Oakville, Ontario


If you are a Business Owners, Professional Service Provider or a Sales Managers responsible for a Sales Team or an Entrepreneur the options below would fit.


Follow Up – Discover Your Next Step - 2 Hour Session

Best for:  Progressive business managers who want a session where they can brainstorm about their specific business and begin to develop follow up steps that build and grow sales opportunities. These first proactive steps are focussed on capturing the opportunities currently lost on your desk and driving this traffic into your follow up sales funnel to get your business in front of more prospects.  A discount applies when purchased in a package of multiple sessions.

Follow Up – Take Action- 2 Hour Session

Best For: Progressive business managers who want a session where they can begin to take action on their follow up steps and implement a Follow Up System into their business. Start utilizing current technology, CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), email and your marketing material to put your business in front of more prospects more often.  A discount applies when purchased in a package of multiple sessions.


or consider


Follow Up Training - 2.5 Hour Training

Best for: Progressive business managers who want to discover how a follow up system can help them maximize their business development investment in trade shows, association meetings and networking events. You have a stack of business cards – Now what?

Learn the 10 Step Follow Up System that manages and maximizes your follow up activities. This system will save you time, keep you organized and drive more traffic to your business.

2 courses are offered: Set The Stage for Follow Up and Automate Your Follow Up Process.
Attend Monday night training sessions or schedule training at your location.


A Follow Up Business System that leverages every prospect lead, maximizes follow through and drives more traffic into your follow up sales funnel resulting in an increase of sales opportunities!

“Great things are not done by impulse. but by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gough